West Virginia Pill Mills

Imagine being injured in a car accident, a workplace accident or in a slip and fall accident and being in great pain. The last thing you are thinking about is if the drugs your doctor prescribes to help manage your pain is something you will wind up addicted to; after all, your physician knows the side effects of drugs and knows you well enough to know your tolerance right? Wrong. In some cases, doctors are making money by prescribing strong, opioid-based medications which can ultimately lead to addiction.

Frightening Statistics: What You Need To Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) during 2014, 61 percent of all drug overdose deaths were the result of opioids.  Unfortunately, this is a 15-year increase in overdose deaths involving prescription opioid pain relievers and oftentimes, these patients are uncertain what options to take. Unfortunately, as many news reports have highlighted, these doctors often operate out of clinics which serve populations will poor access to health care and are often in communities where the majority of the population works in high-risk jobs that can result in chronic pain from injuries or strain. These doctors often abandon these clinics (commonly referred to as pill mills) or the clinic shuts down when they feel they are getting too much pressure from law enforcement agencies. Under West Virginia law, these doctors are considered guilty of patient abandonment.

New Laws Protecting Prescription Drug Addicts

Unfortunately, for many addicted patients, when they are abandoned by their physicians and unable to find another doctor willing to prescribe pain killers they often turn to street drugs to feed their opiate addiction. Thanks to a 2015 ruling in the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, these doctors can be held accountable, even if the patient is found guilty of purchasing street drugs to maintain their addiction. Doctors can now be held accountable by having a victim file a lawsuit for over-prescribing pain medication. This holds true for anyone who is addicted either before, during or after treatment with prescribed opioid medications.

Addiction to prescription pain killers is not always because a victim made a bad choice. It is often because their doctors over prescribed pain medications or continued to prescribe opioids long past the time when healing should have occurred. At R. Story Law Office, we are determined to help you fight back against these pill mills and hold the doctor responsible for your addiction accountable for their actions. We help clients in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky to fight back against these doctors and we will do our level best to help you. Call us today at (740) 992-6624 if you have become addicted to opioid pain medications because your doctor over prescribed medications for a short-term problem.

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