How to Tell You Need a Personal Injury Attorney



Dealing with the consequences of an accident that was caused by the irresponsible choices of another can be a challenge. Taking time off work when you don’t have the savings to continue to support yourself and your family can not only cause extreme financial anxiety, but your family could end up with serious financial struggles moving forward without that steady income.

This is, of course, in addition to dealing with all of the other damages you’ve endured due to the injuries you sustained. Choosing to pursue a civil claim is a difficult decision to make.

If you choose to work with a well-trained personal injury lawyer, your chances of coming away with a successful verdict and the compensation you need will be much greater than if you proceed on your own. Below we discuss when you’ll know that hiring a personal injury lawyer is the right option for you.

Your Accident Was Caused by the Negligence of Another

When someone else is responsible for causing your accident, it will be in your best interest to work with an attorney. It will be up to your lawyer to investigate the incident and gather evidence that will support your case.

This might include witness statements, video footage, photographic evidence, police reports, medical documentation of your injuries and anything else that might help your case. Though you may be capable of obtaining some of this evidence on your own, while you’re recuperating, your attorney works to build your personal injury claim.

Negotiations with the Insurance Company

In many cases, you may want your attorney to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. This is due to the reputation insurance adjusters have of manipulating the statements given to them by claimants.

By twisting your words, the insurer can attempt to make it appear as though you hold more liability for the cause of the accident thereby reducing the amount they’ll be required to pay you. Your attorney will be prepared for these exploitative tactics and will prevent the insurer from taking advantage of you.

Quantifying Your Damages Correctly

You need to work with an attorney if you aren’t sure how much your claim is worth. The fact is, unless you have experience or education in tort law, you aren’t aware of all of the different types of losses that can be included in your claim.

Some of the most often seen damages in a personal injury claim include lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish, to name a few.

It may seem easy for you to calculate your lost wages and property damages, but you may have a more difficult time figuring out what your non-economic damages are worth or which medical expenses can be included in your claim. Your attorney will have the experience you need to ensure that no loss goes unaccounted for.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

When you’re ready to move forward with a civil suit against the person or persons responsible for causing your injuries, schedule your free consultation with a personal injury attorney. During your case review, your attorney will be able to answer any questions you might have and offer the legal advice you need to prepare for your upcoming settlement negotiations or court date.

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