Humpty Dumpty and the Malpractice Suit

When I say we help magical beings with their legal woes from all over, I mean it. This week, we even got a call from all the way in sunny California from a certain oviform gentleman with a major health problem. It’s a sad case when a doctor doesn’t do the right thing for a patient. They can be just as negligent as anyone else, and unfortunately, many of them don’t listen to the needs of their more unique patients. 

That’s where we come in. Our new friend needed help finding the right people, and we made sure he got the attorney he needed on his side. Check out his story below and, if you’re in a similar situation, check out our services for storybook beings in need. 

The Fall 

On November 12th, 2018, Humpty Dumpty was perched on a wall, enjoying a little lunch on a pleasant autumn evening. The weather was perfect, the sun was warm, and everything seemed just fine. Sadly, it didn’t stay that way. 

Instead, he found himself sliding backwards, then in free-fall off the wall. It wasn’t a long drop, but it was enough to crack the poor guy all to pieces, including a brain injury and a fractured shell. 

Of course, he called for help right away, and he was sent off to get care. Regrettably, his luck didn’t get any better from there. 

The Malpractice

It wasn’t long before Mr. Dumpty arrived at Kingsman Hospital, the closest place that could help. The doctors were baffled and rude about his state, but soon, he was on the operating table, ready for surgery to put him back together again. 

When he next woke up, though, he wasn’t so happy with the results. 

“Oh, they put me back together all wrong!” He lamented the case in our phone call, going over all the grisly details of the aftermath. “The back of my shell was replaced with my stomach, my side was my head, and frankly, the results were grotesque. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror!”

Indeed, the doctors, Franklin Horse and Johnathan Mann, didn’t seem to care that their patient’s anatomy was so unique. Instead, they just put the pieces together and glued. Imagine if you woke up from surgery after losing a finger, only to find your finger was reattached backwards because the doctor was negligent? The situation for Humpty was far, far worse. 

The Lawsuit 

As Humpty Dumpty explained his sad tale, we knew right away that he had a medical malpractice lawsuit on his hands. It was just a matter of finding a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles who would treat any clients the way they deserved. He needed someone who understood the trauma and suffering he went through, all because of a careless doctor. 

Luckily, we found a lawyer who was just right for his needs! We got him in contact with the firm, and they were understanding of his unique situation. They helped him get the medical care to put him back together again—the right way, this time—and to present his claim in court. He would go on to receive compensation for his medical costs and for the trauma and humiliation he had to endure. 

Cases like Mr. Dumpty’s aren’t uncommon. You may even have suffered because of a careless doctor, and now you’re struggling to find a lawyer who believes in you. We believe in you and we’re here to help you find a magic-friendly lawyer who will take your side. 

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