Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be. . . Too Quick?

Often, we at Storyville Law Offices find ourselves dealing with magical beings who suffered injuries because of the negligence, not of the average human, but from their own people. Everyone makes mistakes, but when we have a mythical being injured by another magical creature, we’ve got double trouble. They both need legal representation, and that’s already hard to come by for them. 

Of course, we knew we had trouble when we saw the name of one of our new clients: Jack B. Nimble. 

Speeding Is Dangerous

Mr. Nimble is a little notorious, among the community, for his driving. Admittedly, he’s not that bad a driver. In fact, I’ve heard that he’s pretty renowned among drag racers. But, being renowned among people who race, you can imagine what the problem may be. 

Yes, Jack is a little bit of a speed demon, or he was, until he collided with a real demon, a poor little imp with a freshly-broken horn and a now-permanent limp. 

“We’re not all bad, I swear,” he told us, as our resident occult expert kept him safely on the far side of the room. “I’m just a little mischief-maker, but I think this time, perhaps someone did a little mischief to me.” I passed him a tissue and opened the window, airing out the stench of brimstone. Then, we got to work finding him an Indianapolis car accident attorney

Of course, Mr. Jack B. Nimble was also looking for a car accident lawyer. He insisted that he couldn’t have been totally at fault, since he’s “probably the best driver in town.” While it wasn’t a conflict of interest to help them both find an attorney, I personally didn’t have high hopes for Jack’s defense. 

Helping Our Clients After the Accident 

We found a few openings for the two, though it took some time to find someone willing to represent a little demon. He was surprisingly polite and patient—in fact, he and our dear occultist struck up a few conversations on summoning circles and the best medium for them. 

Soon, we received a thank-you letter. “I couldn’t have done it without you!” it read. It turned out that the imp had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after the accident, finding himself completely unable to drive and do his job of tormenting, torturing, and otherwise pestering innocent humans. 

Jack, on the other hand, was caught speeding during the incident, and by quite a bit. Now, he’s in big trouble, and he’s promising never to speed again. 

Seeing is believing, we decided. 

Crash Recovery for Mythical Creatures 

Now that those two have settled their claim and gotten compensated, things are a little quieter over here. It’s not every day that a magical being needs help with their legal situation. Now, we’re happy to know that Jack is off the streets (for now, at least until his car is out of the shop). 

However, we also know that there are others out there who are in similar situations. If you’ve been injured because someone was driving carelessly, we don’t mind if you’re eight feet tall, cursed, or otherwise not suited to finding a lawyer on your own. 

If you’re struggling to find representation as a magical being, our team is ready to help you out. Check out our other stories on our site, and visit our offices if you’re seeking our help. 

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